Lets leap in to swars and saptak

Let us learn more about the swars of indian classical music(Hindustani Style).From our previous post we learned about all 12 swars and now it’s time to know more of technical stuff of swars. Following knowledge is must for a music aspirant.



Re ,Ga ,Dha and Ni have Komal variety but Ma has only variety of tivra, so suddha Ma and Tivra Ma that’s all.

Sa and Pa are achal swars they don’t have any deviation.Diagram aside describes the type of swars .

Let me add one diagram showing position of swars in frequency range.



Now let us check some basics on octave, in Hindustani classical music we call it saptakSaptak is a sanskrit term and it means seven(Sa to Ni).It is the position of swars in various frequency levels.There are three saptak in Indian classical music:

  1. Madhya saptak
  2. Mandra saptak
  3. Taar saptak

All the twelve notes/swars can stay in each saptak. Diagram below describes it.


Let us check practical application of saptak in bansuri:

There is a limitation of bansuri we can only play mandra saptak Pa to taar saptak Pa. let us see how it feels:

See you soon with more treasures.

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One response to “Lets leap in to swars and saptak”

  1. Hi Arnab,
    Really informative. 🙂
    Please continue writing.
    Simple usage of language has made it pretty understandable.


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