More on bansuri

Here I will present the tutorial with FAQs.

I struggled like hell as I started without guru and I know the pain of starting bansuri so, let’s begin …

Q>From where I will buy bansuri?

A>Buy transverse bansuri from roadside shops else find your teacher he/she will guide you.

Q>How to make sound from bansuri?

A>Critical point is blowing in proper way which will help you in making sound,proper sound.

Q>How to blow and hold the bansuri?

Following tutorial will help:

Q>What next ? I am able to produce sound?

A>Find your guru or teacher he/she will guide.But I will say  things you can try.Practice Sa re ga ma pa dha ni Sa(Taar Saptak) and reverse.

Check the example of all Suddha in the video below:


Finger chart for bansuri:


For the time being i have not added the komal swars will take them up later.Keep learning folks.


Please check my youtube channel as well.

3 responses to “More on bansuri”

  1. I want to learn flute.What is the prize of a G scale normal size bansuri?


    1. If you buy from my guruji it’s 2.5k for G Bass.


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