Writing Music,the Indian way

I will discuss few basic notation writing techniques w.r.t Indian Classical Music.


Picture aside shows how to write all 12 swaras. These techniques differs with gharanas(Regional school of music).There is no rule as such.I will follow these in the blog they are taught to me by my guru ji,you can follow it as well.

Now how to write swaras in various saptak?

Check the picture below:wp-1477843008352.jpg

See you soon with more treasure.

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4 responses to “Writing Music,the Indian way”

  1. Amitabha Chakraborty Avatar
    Amitabha Chakraborty

    This is really nice.I am plying guitar over 5 years.Now I want to play Hindustani classical music on guitar like Prasanna in Carnatic music.Could u plz help me which books /notation should i follow and where can I get those.Coz for guitar there is no teacher at kolkata.


    1. If you know any sitar guy ..ask his help. We have folks in Hindustani like Brij bhusahn Kabra.


  2. Hi, I want to learn flute and was confused about the buying and intricacies involved with it. Could you please guide me which one should I buy and from where?


    1. Where are you staying now?


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