Must have for Bansuri players

Skills in bansuri or music can be gained by consistent practice.Practicing every day with proper resources is also important.So i will list down resources needed for practice:


SL. No. Resource Name Comments Priority Cost in INR
1 Bansuri E scale Very High ~4500(E Scale)
2 Mat Where you will sit.


Practice sitting on the floor.

High ~150
3 A Tanpura app Bheema app i prefer.


Search in play store.

High ~350
4 An electronic tabla Radel i prefer(Without tanpura)
Medium ~5500

Important points:

  1. If you have iPhone then skip 3 and 4; Buy an app from iPhone app store “iPro Tabla”(Mother of everything).
  2. If you are an android lover or/and poor like me, then follow 1 to 4 😛
  3. Points 1 to 3 are with high priority.
  4. Point 4 : get it when you think to carry music like your daily nourishment.

Check my set of practice below:

Next post i will discuss with alankars.

Please check my youtube channel as well.

2 responses to “Must have for Bansuri players”

  1. Awesome article I feel. It is very helpful indeed.


    1. Cool … Welcome aboard…in the journey of music

      Liked by 1 person

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