Learning Bansuri / Flute at late age

It’s never late to take up a hobby or skill.

Following questions run around a lot:

  • I am 30/40/50/60 can i start playing flute?
  • Can we learn flute at adult age ?
  • Bla Bla Bla..

There is simple answer, everyone can.
When we are kid we have less consciousness like “What people will tell?”, “Am i sounding right?” and “What people will think!”
When people become adult their shyness is the main culprit.


  1. Find a teacher.
  2. Play Notes with tanpura(always).
  3. Create a habit first(Every day blow your flute once, when ur busy).
  4. Blowing flute should be done every day .
  5. When travelling carry your flute with you. Buy a smaller flute in that case.
  6. Don’t play songs in the beginning.
  7. Remember one thing “Things are cool when music is your passion not profession” Play for yourself and everything will follow.

Happy learning.

Please check my youtube channel as well.

5 responses to “Learning Bansuri / Flute at late age”

  1. I am a student of Bansuri and I 73 years old. From last 1 years I am trying to play it. I enjoy while playing.

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    1. Awesome, let me know if you want some help. ☺️


  2. Thanks Arnab 😊


  3. Hi Arnab, I’m Bangali and reached Bangalore just a month back. I’m truly interested to learn Hindustani Classical Flute. Would you please call me @9036962553. I’m waiting for your call to discuss further on my long awaited ambition of playing Flute by myself.


    1. Buddy,
      Get a teacher. There are few folks i know who teach. Let me know i will share their details.
      Please do check and share my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS7htca09l8ueTjg3nOq68A
      Its good to know i am motivating more folks to learn.


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