Motivation for practice

Music or any skill is a journey, It’s not a destination. Most of the folks have one question “How many months required to play a flute/an instrument?” This question not correct approach to learn and slowly people loses motivation.

Correct approach is to enjoy the journey, savour the incremental improvement. I read a book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and request every one to read it. It says :

  • Create small / achievable goals: It will give more motivation.
  • Focus on habit : Blow you flute every day (I am not telling to play)

Once we make above two points routine, you will never loose motivation. Let me make a summary to never loose motivation:

  • Make habit of playing.
    • Blow your flute every day.
  • Focus on health.
    • Loose wight, you will see improvements in life.
  • Make small goals
    • Complicated piece, play it slow.
    • Divide and concur large piece/tasks.

Feel free to comment, i will be happy to help.

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