How to practise flute…

I have been playing from 2016 and in this journey i have experienced many things regarding practise. Many of my friends started playing but could not continue. Many of them were not able to continue with consistency. Many folks could not play in tune.

I have listened to many players playing and seen their interviews. Sharing my experience, hope it will help fellow friends.

  • Never play without tanpura. Ask your teacher whether you are playing in correct tune. Keep recording of your teacher and compare your playing.
  • Listen to music.
  • First create a habit over practise. Don’t skip blowing your flute for a day. Carry it where ever you go.
  • Every weekend learn something new and practise it whole week.
  • Music is a journey
    • You will be playing for yourself and motivate more to play
    • It’s a prayer for you and there is no competition(You will never loose focus).
    • It’s for you peace, spirituality and fun.
    • Once you have developed the habit. It will stick with you forever.
  • Get a simple teacher, and be regular with the teacher.

Let me know what you think. I am still learning and will till end.

Please follow my channel and i will be happy if can motivate few more friends to play flute.

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